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Friday, November 27, 2015

Desire Lines

hammer anvil stirrup
& the buzz-saws gallop
when did every noise become too much
a breath to crush the sky
where are the raindrops racing
what are the neighbors saying
who's paying attention to
the girl with tapping feet
blackening lung tissue
paper thin identity
clutched shut
in the front
like a coat with the buttons ripped out
is there anybody
anybody who knows how many bones in a soul
& how many are broken
& what broke them
where are the horses galloping
& when will the race end
who's betting
& who is the collector
lucky number never
take a chance on me
or take me on a chance
maybe one day I'll be better

Forever 21 bralet
Vintage tee
Vintage skirt
Mativi heels

Photographers Kate & Emily Cimino

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Rehabilitation for the starving addict;
Write what you want on a post-it note & stick to the desk in front of you next to an open notebook.
Do you feel better yet?

If not, 
Write what you need on a post-it note & stick to the desk in front of you next to an open notebook.
Do you have it yet?

If not, 
Write what you can't get on a post it note 
& stick it to the desk in front of you next to an open notebook.
Now (at the very least) you have three lines of a poem
snort like metaphor.
This is how you learned to write. By forgetting how to breathe.
No surprise, I fell asleep face stuck in the pages of my diary 
then walked around all day without seeing a mirror.
It doesn't matter, strangers only remember the better secrets 
or decide the ones they remember are better.
If a poem is forgotten before even being thought the whole forest has fallen and nobody heard a thing.
I've been busy 
spending the most time doing the least important thing (not writing) 
awake for days nothing but a million reasons in the way
to keep company as I
sit at my desk with a pen and an open notebook 
filling up post-it's instead.

Vintage shirt
Dimensions by WCM leather belt
True Religion shorts
H&M bags
Mativi heels

Photographers Kate & Emily Cimino

Monday, November 2, 2015

New York City Loves Me

New York must be under a different sun.

would you rather be someone who can do anything
or someone who is on so much they think they can?

Give me a place any place &
all I have are reasons not to be there
those who value stability over spirit will never get it.

Rip my writing to pieces, please but
mind the fishnets.

Nobody reads the news anymore
so we turned it to performance art
and made a gallery of every street. 

A lady doesn't worry about making headlines, 
she wears them.

Forever 21 purse
H&M backpack
Photographer Kate Cimino

Thursday, October 15, 2015

All I want to do is come down by the beach

"Hold on to the pictures we never took."

I printed your photographs
and wallpapered the beach with them
for somebody else to find and smile.

They looked better than we lived
the colors of a mood ring in California.

Does the metaphor warm your bed?
Mine is a symbol
on the floor, nothing more than minimalist
and nothing less than sleeping alone.

I've been cutting back on everything, 
memories included. 

Look at the sun, it should be just as beautiful coming down 
as higher than everyone.

Victoria's Secret bikini
California sunhat

Photographer Kate Cimino

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Across the Bridge

As anybody ages they grow to perceive time differently from how it felt at first. 
Naturally this is because they have a greater context for any one unit of time. 
The more seconds a person has lived, the less time one second feels like. 
In actuality we all live the same second, as evidenced by bomb clocks and microwave timers. 
Of course any of this is only applicable if you hold with the theory of time at all.

The longest highway I can remember ends in a bridge that my sister and I each tried to see first every time.

I could taste 21 the month Kathleen turned 18,
the trip started with a pink paper hat from the secondhand shop
and summer began when we crossed the rotary.
Two sisters learn to break laws the same way
to see what will happen next.

In the time leftover from our perceptions growing we took photographs. 

There are those who rewrite the context
and there are others who adapt
the rest get run over.

Nantucket work shirt
Paper hat

Photographer Kate Cimino